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Keterangan PIN
1 CHRIN Charger Input Voltage
2 GATEDRV Gate Drive Output
3 VD_VRTC_SEL Floating or High for VCORE/VRTC=1.8V/1.5V, Low for VCORE/VRTC=1.2V/1.2V
4 ISENSE Charger Current Sense Input
5 CHRCNTL Microprocessor Control Input Signal for Gate Drive, Internal Pull Low to DGND
6 CHRDET Charger Detect Output
7 BATSNS Battery Input Voltage Sense
8 VSIM SIM Supply
9 SIMIO Non-Level-Shifted Bidirectional Data I/O
10 SIMRST Non-Level-Shifted SIM Reset Input, Internal Pull High to VIO
11 SIMCLK Non-Level-Shifted SIM Clock Input
12 SIMVCC SIM Enable
13 SIMSEL High for Vsim=3.0V, Low for Vsim=1.8V
14 SIO Level-Shifted SIM Bidirectional Data Input/Output
15 SRST Level-Shifted SIM Reset Output
16 SCLK Level-Shifted SIM Clock Output

17,21,46 DGND Digital Ground
18 VM Memory Supply
19 VBAT Battery Input Voltage
20 VIO Digital IO Supply
22 VRTC Real Time Clock Supply
23 RSTCAP Reset Delay Time Capacitance
24 RESET System Reset, Low Active
25 VTCXO TCXO Supply
26 AVBAT Battery Input Voltage for Analog Block Circuits
27 VA Analog Supply
28 AGND Analog Ground
29 VREF Reference Voltage Output
30 NC
31 SRCLKEN VTCXO and VA Enable
32 PWRKEY Power on/off Key, Internal Pull High to VBAT
33 PWRBB Power on/off Signal from Microprocessor
34 VIBRATOREN Vibrator Driver Enable, Internal Pull Low to DGND
35 ALERTEREN Alerter Driver Enable, Internal Pull Low to DGND
36 LEDEN LED Driver Enable, Internal Pull Low to DGND
37,40 PGND Power Ground
38 VIBRATOR Vibrator Driver Input
39 ALERTER Alerter Driver Input
41 LED LED Driver Input
42 BATUSE Battery Type Selection, High for NiMH, Low for Li-ion, Internal Pull Low to DGND
43 BATDET Battery Detect Input, Low for Battery Connected, Internal Pull High for Battery Disconnected
44 VASEL High for VA enabled with VTCXO, Low for VA enabled with VCORE, Internal Pull Low to DGND
45 VMSEL High for Vm=2.8 V, Low for Vm=1.8V, Internal Pull High to VIO
47 VBAT Battery Input Voltage
48 VCORE Digital Core Supply

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